Florida attorney faces disciplinary sanction for ‘gay plague’ email

Walter Kubitz

Florida attorney Walter Kubitz

Gay Star News: Sept. 2, 2014 – Lawyer in ‘severe’ trouble after sending out company email calling AIDS the ‘gay plague’ | Gay Star News.

An evangelical mother who lost her gay son to rejection and drugs has something to teach us

Ryan Robertson

As her son Ryan lays dying, Linda Robertson says good-bye

The Good Men Project: Sept. 2, 2014 – This Evangelical Mom Lost Her Gay Son, and She Wants You To Learn From Her Story -.

Why the federal government spent $3 million to study obesity in lesbians

FatLesbiansWashington Post: Sept. 2, 2014 – Why the federal government spent $3 million to study lesbian obesity – The Washington Post.

Bicyclist killed in Seattle identified as attorney who fought Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

Sher Kung

Associated Press: Sept. 2, 2014 – Attorney who fought ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ dies after bicycle collides with truck – LGBTQ Nation.

Man, LGBT legal group file suit claiming sexual abuse in gay conversion program


Jeff White

national_center_for_lesbian_rights-19094LGBTQ Nation: Sept. 2, 2014 – Miss. man says he was sexually abused in gay ‘conversion therapy’ – LGBTQ Nation.

Same-sex marriage emerging as a key factor in Indiana’s mid-term elections

IndianaAssociated Press: Sept. 2, 2014 – Marriage equality playing key role in many political races throughout Indiana – LGBTQ Nation.

Memoir of former Vermont governor explains his veto of same-sex marriage

Jim Douglas

Associated Press: Sept. 2, 2014 – Former Vt. governor Jim Douglas’ memoir tackles same-sex marriage veto – LGBTQ Nation.

Sept. 2, 2014 – Today’s Gift from Hazelden

serenity prayer 2Tuesday, Sept. 2, 2014

Today’s thought from Hazelden is:

Many people think they can’t paint, but I think everyone has artistic ability of some kind.
— Eva Wines

Many of us probably don’t agree with Eva, particularly if we haven’t tried to paint or weave or write or throw pots. We mistakenly think that others have talent, never ourselves, but that’s because we misunderstand what talent means. Talent is really just an inclination; it develops from a desire to pursue some activity that we then proceed to cultivate with a passion. It’s not mysterious. It doesn’t just happen. We persevere because we feel good when involved in the activity. When we define talent this way, we realize how right Eva is. It’s just that many of us haven’t followed our passion yet.

Coming to understand that we do, indeed, have talent, that it has simply lain dormant until now, is perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of our lives presently. If we haven’t yet realized this, dare to believe it now. It will change every minute of the rest of your life.

Today is a good day to pursue one of my dreams.

From the book:

Keepers of the Wisdom by Karen Casey

Keepers of the Wisdom © 1996 by Karen Casey

Sept. 2, 2014 – A Day at a Time

serenity prayer 11A Day at a Time
Tuesday, Sept. 2, 2014

Reflection for the Day
When I wake up, I’ll think quietly about the twenty-four hours ahead. I’ll ask God to direct my thinking, especially asking that it be free from self-pity and from dishonest or self-seeking motives. If I have to determine which of several courses to take, I’ll ask God for inspiration, for an intuitive thought or a decision. Then I’ll relax and take it easy, confident that all will be well.

Can I believe that when I give up my “rights” of expectations, I’ll know freedom …?

Today I Pray
I praise God for being able to praise God, to choose the times when I will seek Him, to find my own words when I talk to Him, to address Him in the way that seems most right to me. May I expect that He in turn must be free of my expectations, to affect my life as He sees fit.

Today I Will Remember
Who am I to try to tell God what to do?

Hazelden Foundation

Sept. 2, 2014 – The Eye Opener

serenity prayer 10The Eye Opener
Tuesday, Sept. 2, 2014

The secret of cutting any tree down, regardless of size, is to hew it one chip at a time.

Men are not put in a position to do great things until they have established the reputation for doing many small things well.

If you have the great ambition to bring happiness to a whole world, a good starting point is within your own undershirt.

Hazelden Foundation


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