Aug. 24, 2014 – Today’s Gift from Hazelden

serenity prayer 5Sunday, Aug. 24, 2014

Today’s thought from Hazelden is:

The smallest seed of faith is better than the largest fruit of happiness.
 — Henry David Thoreau

Life’s crises seem terrifying and endless when they are happening. As we reflect on these stressful periods, we begin to realize that they provide a chance for change and growth. We get a feeling of hope when we think back to past problems that seemed like mountains of despair at the time. Today, many of our mountains of fear are behind us. We have been able to climb these mountains in our lives even though we may have had to take different paths than we had planned.

Now we know that, with faith, we can meet every challenge — that we are given no obstacle we can’t turn into an opportunity.

Today let me be willing to let my Higher Power lead me in an orderly direction.

From the book:

Our Best Days by Nancy Hull-Mast

Our Best Days by Nancy Hull-Mast. © 1990 by Hazelden Foundation


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