Oct. 15, 2014 – A Day at a Time

serenity prayer 9

The Serenity Prayer

A Day at a Time
Wednesday, Oct. 15, 2014

Reflection for the Day
All too often I unwittingly – and even unconsciously – set standards for others in The Program. Worse yet, I expect those standards to be met. I go so far, on occasion, to decide what progress other people should make in their recoveries, and how their attitudes and actions should change. Not surprisingly, when things don’t work out the way I expect, I become frustrated and even angry. I have to learn to leave others to God. I have to learn neither to demand nor expect changes in others, concentrating solely on my own shortcomings. Finally, I mustn’t look for perfection in another human being until I’ve achieved perfection myself.

Can I ever be perfect?

Today I Pray
May God ask me to step down immediately if I start to climb up on any of these high places; on my podium, as the know-it-all scholar; on my soapbox as the leader who’s out to change the world; into my pulpit, as the holier-than-thou-could-possibly-be messenger of God; into the seat of judgment, as the gavel-banging upholder of the law. May God please keep me from vesting myself with all this unwarranted authority and keep me humble.

Today I Will Remember
A heavy hand is not a helping hand.

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